In-Network Mobile recording

In-Network Mobile recording


MiFID II is an EU regulatory framework aimed at increasing investor protection by creating a more effective, risk-aware and transparent market for investment services and activities.

MiFID II provides a comprehensive framework for the provision of investment services, such as brokerage, investment advice, portfolio management, and underwriting in financial instruments as well as revised rules for business execution in regulated markets.

MiFID II challenge areas

Investor protection

Stricter rules for product design, distribution and for investment advice

Pre- and post- trade transparency

Clear rules and transparency requirements for SIs, MTFs, OTFs

Internal organizational set-up and risk control

Stricter and extended rules for compliance and risk prevention

How can Cognia help you comply with MiFID II

Recording devices and media

Using an effective Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, firms can ensure that only approved media channels are mobilized for relevant communications on recorded devices

Recording notifications

Cognia’s carrier partners can enable caller notifications to be instigated for recorded devices

Disclosure of records

The Cognia platform enables recorded media to be rapidly accessed and shared quickly and securely with internal staff, and external advisors and regulators using time- bombed links and multi-factor authentication

Compliance across multiple Member States

The same policy and security controls — referred to as “Global Policy” — allows branches or departments to comply with local regulators, while enabling global oversight