In-Network Mobile recording

In-Network Mobile recording

Mobile Recording AT&T

AT&T mobile recording solutions enable you to record all incoming and outgoing mobile phone calls, as well as text messages, so employees and users can conduct legally binding business conversations wherever they are. Using the AT&T core network you get a solution which is both seamless and device agnostic.

But most of all, AT&T’s solution delivers efficient and secure recording without the cost and complexities associated with other, more fragmented services.

Why do you need mobile recording?

If your company has the obligation to record mobile calls or text messages you need a solution that makes it easier for you to meet regulations, such as Dodd-Frank, CFTC or SEC. Used by some of the world’s largest banks around the world, Cognia’s unified communications archive enables AT&T mobile voice and text messaging to be recorded, archived and analyzed on demand — freeing finance teams to work anywhere, while remaining within the scope of compliance and governance requirements.

Benefits of Cognia mobile recording

Free staff to work anywhere by bringing mobile recording into the scope of surveillance operations

Reduce IT costs by replacing expensive and time-consuming deployments and upfront CAPEX with a simple pay-as-you-use cloud service

Boost the productivity of compliance teams, by reducing the need for time-consuming manual processes

Increase business flexibility and agility, and avoid vendor lock-in, by enabling media and events to be exposed to your applications of choice