In-Network Mobile recording

In-Network Mobile recording

Mobile Recording

Mobile recording from Cognia enables you to capture, and analyze all of your transmissions into one unique global platform. Cognia integrates with mobile operator networks to capture all incoming and outgoing calls, voicemail, SMS and MMS.

Whether you are a small business or an international enterprise, our unique, global, cloud- based platform, enables communications compliance, service-quality assurance and workforce productivity, without the cost, complexities and inflexibilities of on-premise or locally-hosted solutions. And using the Cognia API you can expose that aggregated media, events and analysis to the business applications of your choice — driving productivity, business intelligence and agility.

Mobile recording from Cognia

Unified archive and analytics

Enables delivery of mobile and landline voice, video and text-based communications archive and analytics solutions demanded by regulated customers in finance or healthcare

Globally scalable

A globally scalable PaaS that enables common services to be delivered to domestic and international enterprise customers alike


Enables delivery of archive and analytics services and, using the Cognia application framework, can provide integration with business applications such as CRM, BI and workforce optimization


A proven solution, trusted by some of the world’s most security-conscious enterprises, and used by some of the world’s largest telecom operators

Free staff to work anywhere by bringing mobile recording into the scope of surveillance operations

Reduce IT costs by replacing expensive and time-consuming deployments and upfront CAPEX with a simple pay-as-you-use cloud service

Boost the productivity of compliance teams, by reducing the need for time-consuming manual processes

Increase business flexibility and agility, and avoid vendor lock-in, by enabling media and events to be exposed to your applications of choice