by Adam Woozeer

London – Dec 14th 2016 – Cognia, a world-wide provider of cloud communications services for regulatory compliance, risk management and business agility, has added Canada and the UK to its platform footprint — which already covers USA, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Ireland, India and China.

 The Cognia communications platform enables banks and other enterprises to store and analyze their voice, video and text-based communications, and integrate the results with their core business processes. A single, seamless cloud solution, Cognia, replaces the costs and complexities of installing and operating multiple on-site systems, with a simple pay-as-use model. By extending the platform to the UK and Canada, it gives organizations further flexibility to comply with local data-sovereignty requirements.

 The service is provided in-conjunction with Cognia’s growing network of telecoms partners. Used by international and domestic organizations in North America and Europe, the company has forged a particularly strong position in mobile-communications compliance, where financial institutions need to monitor communications for compliance with regulations/regulators such as MiFID II, Dodd Frank, UK Financial Conduct Authority, the USA’s Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC).

 Cognia CEO, Stewart Holness, says, “Cognia marries growing demand from business for more agile and efficient ways to mine the intelligence held in their day-to-day communications, with an increasing need among telecoms companies to provide added-value services that deepen customer relationships, in a scalable way without increasing overhead.”

 He continues, “Content-led strategies are playing a key role for telcos in consumer markets. However, the diverse needs of business, and the dynamic nature of application technology, demand a different approach to building value, differentiation and customer retention. Cognia enables telcos to fill that gap.”

 Growing interest from telecoms providers in the company’s services, is reflected in its investor base, which includes Vodafone and Swisscom. Pär Lange, Investment Director at Swisscom, commented: “Cognia is providing precisely the value-added services that carriers need to meet their customers’ increasingly sophisticated multi-channel communication needs.”

About Cognia

Cognia helps organizations address some of their most pressing compliance, service-assurance and productivity challenges. Used by businesses in sectors such as finance, energy, healthcare and retail, Cognia’s unified communications archive platform transforms the cost and ease of capturing, storing and analyzing mobile, fixed-line and digital interactions.

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