In-Network Mobile recording

In-Network Mobile recording

Capture, archive, discover, connect.

Introducing the Cognia unified communications archive

The Cognia communications archive transforms the ease of monitoring, archiving and analyzing communications across mobile voice, text, landline, video, Skype, email and social media.

Whether you are a small business or an international enterprise, our unique, global, cloud-based platform, enables regulatory compliance, improved service-quality assurance and workforce productivity, without the cost, complexity and inflexibilities of on-premise or locally-hosted solutions.

And using the Cognia API you can expose that aggregated media, events and analysis to the business applications of your choice — driving productivity, business intelligence and agility.


Record conversations across multiple channels, operators and territories — a single global solution for capturing mobile voice, SMS and MMS, fixed-line calls via TDM and VOIP, Skype, and social-media messaging.


Investigate across voice and text using built-in speech analytics and search tools. Transcribe conversations. Monitor operations using automated tagging and alerts. Share media and reports easily and securely.


Manage media in line with policy controls set at any organizational level. Delegate administration, while maintaining global oversight; enforce security policies; and ensure local regulatory compliance.


Increase productivity and capability by exposing media, events, alerts, and transcribed media, to your core systems. Control use of prebuilt application plug-ins in line with security and organizational policy.

Supported content: any media, any source

Cognia integrates with mobile operator networks to capture all incoming and outgoing calls, and voicemail. This avoids the need for handset applications or other over-the-top services, that can introduce call-quality degradation, increase support overhead, or create compliance issues by enabling recording to be disabled by the user.

No longer the preserve of the executive suite, video is fast becoming a core part of everyday business and personal communications. Cognia ensures it remains within your compliance, BI or service-assurance controls and processes.

SMS and MMS messages, and related pictures and files, are captured from the network or via third-party gateways. BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry PIN-to-PIN messages can also be recorded. All text messages are indexed and archived alongside all other media, to enable communications to be analyzed and monitored across channels.

Cognia ensures company and personal interactions on social media are brought within the same archiving and analytics processes supported by the Cognia Platform. Available feeds include Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Yammer, as well as blogs and messageboards.

Media from on-premise or hosted telephone systems, whether TDM or SIP, can be captured. Cognia integrates with over forty of the most popular telephone-system brands, plus trader turrets, enabling the collection of conversations. Cognia works with payment-masking technologies to ensure archives are protected from unwanted personal data.

Email remains one of the mainstays of business interactions. Cognia enables email from Microsoft Exchange and Gmail to be captured, searched and monitored alongside all other captured media, for eDiscovery and compliance.

The Cognia unified communications archive

From mobile recording for Dodd Frank and MIFID II compliance, to customer-service assurance, Cognia helps international and small businesses alike to innovate, reduce cost and increase business agility.

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Secure, scalable, global services. On demand

One platform for all locations and all media

The Cognia platform runs seamlessly across Europe, the Americas, and Asia, providing a single platform on which to control, capture and analyze voice, video and text communications, and securely expose media and events to your other applications.

Global unified control, local autonomy

Policy controls enable global oversight without sacrificing the autonomy or flexibility of individual groups, or compliance with local regulations. Define function and configuration at any level — routing, storage locations, encryption, data retention, and more.

Security, resilience and scalability you can rely on

Continuous Business Process design ensures services self-heal and scale automatically across servers, data centers and regions. Certified to ISO27001 and operating to PCI DSS, the platform is regularly penetration tested by some of the world’s most security-sensitive organizations.

Simple, flexible, cloud deployment

Cognia delivers secure, scalable and highly available services without the cost or complexity of on-premise alternatives. Cognia cloud replaces the high capex and time-consuming rollouts of inflexible on-premise systems with a rapidly deployable service and simple pay-as-you-use cost model.