In-Network Mobile recording

In-Network Mobile recording

FINRA 2211: Institutional Sales Material and Correspondence

Approval and recordkeeping highlights 

Registered Principal Approval

  • Correspondence – All correspondence is subject to the supervision and review requirements of Rule 3010(d)
  • Sales material – each member must establish written procedures that are appropriate to its business, size, structure, and customers for the review by a registered principal of institutional sales material used by the member and its registered representatives.

Record – keeping

  • Members must keep records of all institutions sales material in a file for a period of three years. The file must include the name of the person who prepared each item of institutional sales material.
  • Members must maintain in a file information concerning the source of any statistical table, chart, graph or other illustration used by the member in communications with the public.

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FINRA 2211: Institutional Sales Material and Correspondence