In-Network Mobile recording

In-Network Mobile recording

Lock in customers. Increase revenue. Get ahead

Cognia puts communications service providers back at the heart of their customers' business

Cognia’s unified communications archive is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) designed to enable telecoms companies to provide high value archive and application-integration services that meet their most pressing compliance, risk and productivity needs.

Cognia’s platform offers secure, scalable, self-managed solutions to businesses of any size, placing you at the heart of customers’ operations – increasing lock-in, ARPU and differentiation without the time, cost and complexities of alternative approaches.

Tap into growing compliance-led demand

Regulated and non-regulated businesses alike are recognizing the value of communications analysis and monitoring. Covering mobile recording, landline, Skype, video and text communications, the Cognia PaaS enables you to address a multi-billion dollar market.

Reach deeper into your customers’ operations

Using the Cognia API your customers and their software vendors can quickly and easily augment applications in areas such as CRM, trade surveillance, reporting, business intelligence, customer engagement, and workforce optimization.

Secure new revenues; increase ARPU

Cognia can help you stem downward price pressure from deregulation, new competitors and substitutional OTT applications. The Cognia PaaS enables you to offer value-added services that not only lock you into your customers’ operations, but can double or triple ARPU.

Remove operational cost and complexity

Bridging the gap between communications and applications, Cognia enables you to deliver enterprise solutions that are tailored to your customers’ needs — while removing the costs, complexities and rigidities inherent in internal product development and support.

From mobile recording to video, Cognia provides multi-media capture, archive, analytics and application connectivity, on a global, cloud-based communications platform-as-a-service (cPaaS). As a result, Cognia enables operators to deliver both standalone archiving solutions for organizations that must record communications for regulatory compliance, and an integration platform for customers and their software vendors to enhance and automate business processes.

Built on extensive experience working with operators in North America, Europe and Asia, the Cognia Platform offers a proven, scalable, self-service solution, which increases customer lock-in, ARPU, and service differentiation, without the cost and complexity of internal product development and support.