In-Network Mobile recording

In-Network Mobile recording

Increase your QA IQ

Cognia provides contact centres with the flexible, multi-channel communications recording and analytics critical for customer success

Agent performance is the foundation of service excellence in a contact center. And without the ability to record and analyze your customer interactions, your business is flying blind.

All too often, effective quality assurance and agent coaching is hampered by inflexible on-site systems and no longer meet the needs of mobile, flexible workforces engaging with customers across multiple channels. The Cognia unified communications archive provides customer-facing teams with the capability, flexibility and multi-channel reach that is critical for today’s agile business.

All communications managed in one solution

Record conversations across multiple channels, operators and territories — a single global solution for capturing voice, video and text communications across mobile, landline, VOIP, Skype, and social media.

Effortless archive, search and retrieval

Store conversations securely. Control retention and locations to meet local needs or regulations. Search, analyze and share records or transcripts with staff, management and customers in order to resolve disputes rapidly.

Automate QA and coaching processes

Remove manual tasks, enhance intelligence and respond faster, by exposing recorded media and events to your preferred quality-assurance, agent-coaching, CRM or any other business systems, using the Cognia API.

Simple deployment; pay as you use

Cognia replaces high capex and time-consuming rollouts of inflexible on-premise systems with a rapidly deployable service and simple pay-as-you-use cost model. Reap the benefits of a cost model that is kind to your cash flow.