In-Network Mobile recording

In-Network Mobile recording

Compliance call recording

Increasingly, maintaining regulatory compliance is becoming a must for businesses. Dodd-Frank, MiFID II and SEC are just a few examples of the multiple regulations and jurisdictions in place. And failure to ensure regulatory compliance can result in heavy financial liabilities.

Whether you are a small business or an international enterprise, our unique, global, cloud- based platform, enables communications compliance, service-quality assurance and workforce productivity, without the cost, complexities and inflexibilities of on-premise or locally-hosted solutions.

Highlights on call recording requirements

  • Recording must start when a mobile device is switched on, be continuous, and not be reliant on the user. It must also be tamper-proof to avoid data being spoiled.
  • The recording solution must work on all forms of mobile communication to and from the device(s) that a regulated firm allows traders to use for their job. Interestingly, the FSA also says all ‘personal mobiles’ used for work must be covered, recognising a potential problem here and shifting responsibility on to firms.
  • The solution must work wherever the regulated employee is (i.e. a recording must be made even if a trader is in Hong Kong on a UK registered phone).
  • The recordings must be stored in an ‘easily retrievable fashion’.

Cognia call recording solution

Free staff to work anywhere by bringing mobile recording into the scope of surveillance operations

Reduce IT costs by replacing expensive and time-consuming deployments and upfront CAPEX with a simple pay-as-you-use cloud service

Boost the productivity of compliance teams, by reducing the need for time-consuming manual processes

Increase business flexibility and agility, and avoid vendor lock-in, by enabling media and events to be exposed to your applications of choice