In-Network Mobile recording

In-Network Mobile recording

Empower your field staff

Cognia's unfied communications archive provides easy-to-deploy mobile recording for field operatives

Cognia mobile recording enables conversations between customers and delivery teams, engineers, healthcare professionals, recruiters, and other field operatives, to be effortlessly captured, archived and monitored, and pushed to your other customer management or quality-assurance applications.

Cognia integrates with mobile operator networks to ensure all incoming and outgoing calls and voicemail are captured securely, transparently and reliably, without the need for specific handsets or applications. A secure, cloud-based platform, means that solutions can be deployed effortlessly without the cost or complexity of on-premise solutions.

Extend your service-quality monitoring

Expand your customer-service monitoring to all staff – not just your contact center. Use Cognia’s on-platform analytics tools or integrate with your preferred monitoring and coaching applications.

Protect customers, staff and your business

Record all mobile conversations — from voice to SMS and MMS — allowing you to resolve disputes rapidly, by searching, analyzing and share records or transcripts with staff, customers and others.

Increase field-staff productivity

Analyze sentiment, automatically monitor voice and text for key words or phrases; transcribe conversations and automatically post them to your CRM systems or any other application.

One platform, all media, any location

Cognia provides a one, internationally scalable platform for all media capture — mobile calls, SMS and MMS, social and more — archive and analysis. Available on a simple pay-as-you-use model.